Demi-Demo: Buffalo Grille saved.


If you keep your sight focused squarely on Buffalo Grille at 3116 Buffalo Speedway, then it’s possible to ignore the fact that all of their neighbors from the past fifty years have disappeared.  Molina’s moved out in 2006.    We knew something was up as soon as next door Luby’s pulled up stakes.  Grocery Store H-E-B scraped the Luby’s site and demolished the former Buffallo Phamacy and Molina’s to make one large site for their fancy new (but not Central Market) grocery store.  Nothing strange about that.  The Buffalo Pharmacy, which had been there since 1951, made a deal to move into the new H-E-B in hopes that their customers would come along.

So how did Buffalo Grille dodge the wrecking ball?

The McAleer Family has been serving pancakes, breakfast burritos, and hamburgers since 1984.  The family, which owns the land underneath the former site of the 1950s shopping center, cut a deal with H-E-B to sell out to the grocery store chain in two years or so.  In the meantime, they chose the highly-unusual-for-Houston option of staying put.  With only slight building modifications, including a new exterior wall where Buffalo Pharmacy once stood, Buffalo Grille will continue to feed neighborhood families.  No word yet on whether diners will be able to find parking spaces —  newly opened H-E-B has a full parking lot all day long.


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