The Houstorian Dictionary

The Houstorian Dictionary: An Insider's Index to Houston is a comprehensive list of all the people, places, things, terms, quotations, events, books, movies, and songs from or about Houston, Texas.  Even though Houston has always been a forward-looking community since its founding in 1836, the past remains very present in their customs, expressions, and dreams, even if most Houstonians don’t even realize it.  The Houstorian Dictionary is the book that shows how all Houstonians, both natives and so-called Newstonians, are connected to each other, not simply from the city’s history, but also by the things that brought them there and the things that keep them there.  Each entry connects to another, drawing a composite picture of Magnolia City/Bayou City/Space City/Sprawl City.  The Houstorian Dictionary also celebrates the innovators, artists, heroes, hucksters, scientists, philanthropists, performers, politicians, and tinkerers that share the unique Houston brand.