Historic Neighborhoods Here To Stay

Following November’s ballot referendum, seven of Houston’s Historic Districts were ordered to have their property owners revote on self-designation as an Historic District.  The new rules called for a repeal of Historic status if 51% of owners wish it. In spite of attempts by historic preservation foes, Heights East, Heights West, Heights South, Boulevard Oaks, and Avondale West will remain intact.

In the coming weeks, Houston’s Planning Director will make recommendations on what properties should be included or excluded, boundary adjustments, or repeal altogether (although not likely).  And once recommendations are made, it is expected that the Mayor and City Council will accede.

Fortunately, Audubon Place, Avondale East, Broadacres, Courtlandt Place, Freeland, Shadow Lawn, and West Eleventh Place did not have sufficient petition numbers to trigger a reconsideration.  They remain as drawn.  Old Sixth Ward and Main Street Market Square are protected from any reconsideration.

Norhill and First Montrose Commons are still counting their votes.

See existing Historic Districts’ boundaries here:


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