In 1995, Houston City Council adopted the Houston Historic Preservation Ordinance, hoping to provide a system for property owners and neighborhoods to identify and preserve Houston’s built environment.Specifically, an historic district is“a geographical area designated by the City Council that possesses a significant concentration, linkage, or continuity of buildings, structures, objects or sites united by historical, cultural, architectural or archaeological significance to the city, state, nation or region.”However, the Preservation Ordinance has no power to impose architectural changes within the historic district.The city provides design assistance to historic districts in the form of design guides, but no design style is enforceable.If someone wanted to demolish a structure in an historic district, then they would be required to wait 90 days before commencing.

In 2007, Houston City Council designated Old Sixth Ward as a Protected Historic District. This enables the Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission to prohibit the demolition of ANY structure within Old Sixth Ward.

Houston’s Historic Districts:
Audubon Place
Avondale East
Avondale West
Boulevard Oaks
Courtlandt Place
First Montrose Commons

Houston Heights East
Houston Heights West
Main Street Market Square
Old Sixth Ward (Protected Historic District)
Shadow Lawn
West Eleventh Place

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